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Technology Committee
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The TRSD Technology Committee's purpose is to evaluate and advise district wide technology policy and funding to be implemented by the Superintendent and School Committee.

The TRSD Technology Committee is composed of volunteers, chaired by the Coordinator of Technology.  Members of the TRSD technology committee should include the Coordinator of Technology, the Network Administrator, administration representatives, staff representatives from each school, and parent representatives from each town/school. 

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Draft and update the TRSD Technology Acceptable Use Policy
  • Draft and update the TRSD Technology Improvement Plan
  • Evaluate implementation of school committee approved technology policies and advise changes as necessary
  • Propose annual and long term technology budget recommendations


Current TRSD Technology Committee members:

  • Debra Jones, Coordinator of Technology
  • Dennis Buck, Network Administrator
  • Brett Buckus, Computer Technician
  • Brian Forget, Assistant Superintendent
  • Andrea Sargent, THS Library/Media Program Coordinator
  • Richard Fisher, THS Teacher
  • Shirley Faulkner, TMS Teacher
  • Liz Raycroft, NES Teacher
  • Mae Kelly, PGS Teacher
  • Brendan Stokes, SES Teacher
  • Jodi Gundrum, Special Education Teacher
  • Sam Densmore, NES Parent
  • Mike Litcofsky, SES Parent
  • William Ganzenmuller, PGS & TMS Parent
  • Hilary Odoy, TMS Parent
  • Joann Anderson, THS Parent
  • Alicia Greco, THS Parent

Note: The Superintendent (or his designee), Assitant Superintendent, and any additional technology staff are considered honorary members of the TRSD Technology Committee.