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2013/2014 Bus Routes

Bus routes are determined using Transfinder GPS enabled routing software. By using this system, we are able to provide safe, efficient, and cost effective bus routes and stops that meet, and in many instances exceed, the minimum statutory requirements for transporting students. Please note that GPS is not perfect, so all of the routes are reviewed to ensure that a human eye has been used in making the final decision. Pursuant to MGL Chapter 71, Section 68, schools are required to provide transportation to any student who's residence is more than two miles from his/her assigned school. This requirement is further clarified in regards to the distance between each child's home and bus stop, which cannot exceed one (1) mile.

The financial implication for us as a regional school district is further clarified MGL Chapter 71, Section 16C. According to this statute, the restrictions around the state reimbursement pull the distance closer to the schools, and we are not reimbursed for any student being transported within one and one half (1.5) miles of their assigned school.

Taking into account these two laws, and keeping in mind that the vast majority of the school district geography does not contain side walks, we provide stops well within the 1 mile requirement. On the elementary routes we provide more frequent stops, while on the middle/high school routes we run fewer busses with less frequent stops.

Responsibilities of the Triton Regional School District:

  1. Provide all eligible students to a bus stop within one (1) mile of their home.
  2. Provide bus stops that are reasonably spaced, and not too frequent, which statistically increases the likelihood of rear end collisions
  3. Provide bus stops at a safe location that provides sufficient space for students to wait out of the street
  4. Provide bus stops at commonly accessible locations for all students assigned to that bus stop.

Responsibilities of the Parents/Guardians:

  1. Ensure that their child(ren) get to the bus stop safely, and on time, at the start of the school day
  2. Ensure that their child(ren) return safely from the bus stop to home at the end of the school day
Newbury Elementary Bus Routes (1 Files)
Download 2013/14 Newbury Elementary Bus Routes
Pine Grove Bus Routes (1 Files)
Download 2013/14 Pine Grove Bus Routes
Salisbury Elementary Bus Routes (1 Files)
Download 2013/14 Salisbury Elementary Bus Routes
Triton Middle/High School Bus Routes (3 Files)
Download 2013/14 NEWBURY Middle & High School Routes
Download 2013/14 ROWLEY Middle & High School Routes
Download 2013/14 SALISBURY Middle & High School Routes